«Panakeia, from the Latin panacea and the Greek panákeia. A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases”. In Greek mythology, Panakeia was a goddess of universal remedy, having the ability to cure illness with her herbs and ointments. So she followed the tradition of her father, god of medicine, and her grandfather Apollo.

Free of psychoactive components


What we have achieved

Panakeia is the first hemp variety free of psychoactive components with high CBG. That is, this variety contains no THC (0.00% in all individuals) and has a high concentration of CBG (18%) and therefore highly medicinal properties.That means a double achievement: not only THC has been eliminated, but the concentration of CBG has been increased.

Advantages of cultivating Panakeia

CBG is the new trend in the cannabis market. There will be a huge demand for THC free and high CBG products by 2021. Currently, only a limited number of brands offer CBG products and we offer 0.00% THC products. In this scenario, farmers have a big opportunity: Panakeia.

But let’s explore more about all  benefits of  Panakeia for your business:

No more hot hemp. Without risks in the entire chain and commercial use: supply, production, transport, storage, sales.

No legal obstacles. Fewer bureaucratic hurdles and legal issues since it is free of psychoactive components.

Explore all possibilities with CBG products: oils, biomass, flowers, edibles, extracts, topicals, beverages, concentrates, tinctures.

Cheaper purification processes. In extractions, CBG requires less purification than CBD since it is THC-free.

Strong economic performance. Panakeia yields surprisingly productive harvests more than 4.000 pounds/acre with optimal growing conditions.

High revenues much higher than CBD.

Panakeia is an early variety with harvests planned in the middle of September, perfect to avoid the rainy season.